2016 Resolutions


For my second post in almost 3.5 years on this blog, I want to share with you my new year resolutions for 2016. As some of you know, especially that already know about me for long time, that I like to write my new year resolutions on my blog. Last time I did that is on 2011. I also did that on 2010 and the year before that (but not published on blog).

Why suddenly I want to write my new year resolutions again in this blog?? One of the biggest reason in that 2016 will mark my new adventure that will be difference from the previous years.  I feel the importance to write it down here, so I can remember it through the year. In the moment when I forget, I can come back here and be reminded about what I wrote today. I also want you (my kind readers, whomever and wherever you are) to remind me about my resolution.

So, without further ado, here it this. (I create this resolutions as unnumbered list to make sure that all of the items listed is as important as the other one.)

  • Be the best version of me as husband for my wife, dad and father for Hania and her little brother/sister, and leader for my family
  • Better muslim. Live a life according to Quran and Sunnah.
  • Being a full-fledged entrepreneur.
  • Develop Sobat Ngemil. Me and my wife have I lot of plan for Sobat Ngemil. So, I hope that we can together make Sobat Ngemil bigger, better, more success.
  • Implement one of my ideas to create values for others.
  • Visit 1 new place in Indonesia and 1 new place in the world.
  • Submit my book’s first draft to publisher.
  • Restart Indonesia Berprestasi (@greatindonesia)
  • More healthy lifestyle. More physical activities (running, cycling, sports). More healthy diet.
  • Lost 10kg
  • Learn martial art. I have a regret that in my childhood I do not learn any martial art. Better late than never, I think.
  • Run 10km
  • Can swim. Until now, I never fully able to swim. So, next year I want to be able to swim, in pool or even in the sea.
  • After that, take my diving lesson and certificate
  • Learn Archery
  • Full team Sutikno Family photo session and my little family photo session, too.
  • More fluent spoken and written English
  • Use English as main language in this blog, especially for blog post.
  • Go on a Java Island Road Trip
  • Learn new language
  • Learn online and internet marketing
  • Take IELTS test, just out of curiousity 🙂
  • Read more books.
  • Reconnect with my families and my friends
  • Pursue my passion

This list will be updated through 2016. The number can increase, or decrease, too.

May Allah bless us all and grant our wishes in 2016, and gives us the strength to achieve what we dreams of.

Bismillah. I’m ready for 2016.

  1. Bismillah! Bersama kita bisaaa.. Btw aku gak seberani kamu menuliskan dengan detail semua impianku di 2016 xD aku pemalu soalnya.. Dan suka minderan 😐 (belum berubah juga dari dulu ihiks)

  2. Semangat dik!! Insya Allah bisa..

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